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Hospitality Cashflow educates inspiring entrepreneurs, real estate investors, developers, and working professionals who have an interest in using short term accommodations to generate positive, monthly cashflow through direct bookings and government contracts..


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Season 3, Episode 20

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There has been recent overlap and growth between the hospitality and real estate industries that allow for business and destination travelers to occupy short term accommodations in both single and multifamily properties while traveling, relocating, or on assignment.

Real estate investors, property owners, and developers are positioning themselves to benefit through faster lease-ups, increased NOI, and more! However, being successful requires knowledge of the industry, experience, systems, processes, the right team, and the know-how to capture extended stay clientele.

Connect with like-minded individuals, learn from proven operators, and discover how you can leverage short term accommodations to generate significant cashflow.

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B2B Direct Bookings

Government Contracts Part 2

Noble breaks down the multiple benefits of participating in the federal sector, including longer term guest stays and guaranteed revenue! Coming Soon…

Season 3, New Episode

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Noble Crawford (@noble.crawford.3) is the Co-Founder of a hospitality brand. His background in technology, hospitality, and sales & marketing brings over 20 years of experience to his daily hustle. His wife, Elkie, and three sons, along with his passion for helping others, is what drives him.

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