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Season 2 : Episode 13 

Building Your Own Hospitality Website With Mark Simpson

Websites, Branding, Marketing, & Direct Bookings



Mark Simpson is the person you go to when you need to get more ‘Heads on Beds’! Mark is the CEO of Boostly which has over 1000 clients all over the world.

His Podcast is one of the Top 50 downloads in the UK and is a regular host of Clubhouse Rooms where he shares his knowledge for free and brings in his friends and networks from around the world to help hosts.


Key Takeaway, Tool, or Tip

Don’t rely on OTAs (Online Travel Agencies) for booking guests! Develop your own website that offers guests an opportunity to book direct.



Make sure you check out his upcoming book The Book Direct Playbook coming November 2021


About This Episode

In today’s episode, Noble talks with Mark Simpson about:

  • Building your own hospitality website
  • Booking direct
  • Branding
  • Marketing
  • …and more!

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