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Top 7 Book Direct Niches

For all of our Clubhouse To The Real House attendees, we’ve created a list of our top seven niches to generate direct bookings. Feel free to use this list as a resource when you start searching for direct book partners.

Corporate Travel

  • Convention and Visitors Bureaus provide a wealth of leads specific to the events industry.

  • Meeting Professionals International (MPI) is the largest association of meeting professionals in the world. Connections here can be priceless.

  • American Express Global Business Travel has a Supplier Partner Network that can position your brand to capitalize on the business traveler market.



  • Healthcare Recruitment Agencies are goldmines for attaining direct leads of healthcare professionals traveling on assignment. (i.e. AYA Healthcare, Triage Staffing, etc.)


Higher Education

  • Student and Faculty Housing departments are best to make an inquiry. Plan to house tenured and visiting faculty, post-doctoral candidates,  research assistants, graduate level and international students. 


Small Government

  • Corporations with Government Contracts are great places to create direct book partnerships.

  • State Governments provide accommodation and relocation funds for displaced homeowners due to road infrastructure projects under the Department of Transportation


Military & Federal Government

  • (System for Awards Management) is a great resource. Get your entity registered to engage with the federal government through contracts.

  • GSA (Government Services Administration) Lodging Per Diems are searchable by location via Google and display the nightly lodging rates for your area that government employees receive; typically resulting in a higher ADR and longer occupancy.

  • DOD (Department of Defense) oversees the BAH (Basic Allowance for Housing) for off base military housing. Tip: Officers receive a higher housing allowance!


Relocation Agencies & Specialists

  • Global Mobility Solutions curated a list of associations and memberships that would be beneficial to look into and/or join to get acquainted with key players in the space in order to add value to their clients. You can find the list HERE.


Insurance & Disaster Relief

  • Insurance Housing Providers provide limitless opportunities for furnished accommodations partners. Damage to homes (fire, flood, termites, etc.) qualify homeowners for temporary housing accommodations.

  • FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Association) Individuals and Households Program (IHP) provides financial and direct temporary housing services to eligible individuals and households affected by a disaster. Note: Become a FEMA contractor AFTER you register with



Patient Recovery 

  • Cosmetic Patient Recovery enables upscale and luxury class accommodations providers to partner with cosmetic and plastic surgeons to provide comfortable stays with amenities that their clients appreciate.

  • Patient Recovery Home Health Services provide multiple bed facilities (typically houses) that command $7K+ per month per bed. This is a specialized, yet very lucrative niche of furnished accommodations.

Want the insider secrets we teach our students to properly position themselves to become direct book vendor partners within several niches?

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