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Season 2 : Episode 14 

Everything You Need To Know About Insuring Your Short Term Rentals

STR Insurance, Loss of Business Coverage, Etc.



Key Takeaway, Tool, or Tip

Today’s Recommended Tip: You need the proper insurance coverage to protect, your business, your investment, and yourself!



Vacation Rental Damage Protection

Hospitality Insurance

Red Sky Travel Insurance

Event Insurance Now

Insurance for Holiday Homes Abroad

About This Episode

In today’s episode, Noble teams up with TJ Tijani (Short Term Rental Roadmap) and Proper Insurance to talk about:

  • Short Term Rental Insurance
  • What’s Covered vs. What’s Not
  • Requirements For Special Amenities (i.e. pools)
  • What About Co-Hosts?
  • How The Claims Process Works
  • …and so much more!

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