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Season 3 : Episode 21 

Money Making Amenities With Madi Rifkin

Scooters, Kayaks, Bikes & Upsells Galore!


Madi Rifkin is the CEO and Co-Founder at Mount. Mount helps open up new streams of revenue at STRs. Upsell amenity offerings by turning your bikes, scooters, golf carts, kayaks, chef service, etc into amenities your guests can rent; which will generate additional revenue every time an amenity is rented!

Instagram: @rentmount


Madi’s LinkedIn: Madison Rifkin

Company LinkedIn: Mount


Key Takeaway, Tool, or Tip

Don’t leave any revenue on the table! You can make almost anything a rentable amenity; making you money!


About This Episode

In today’s episode,

Noble chats it up with Madi Rifkin, CEO of Mount to discuss:

  • Adding Amenities To Your Property
  • Upselling To Generate Additional Revenue 
  • Best Markets For Mount Products
  • Leveraging Your Own Amenities
  • …and much more!

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