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Season 3 : Episode 22 

Rental Arbitrage & Scaling With Rafa Loza

Getting Started, Building A Portfolio, And Full Transparency!


Rafa Loza is an STR Investor, YouTuber, and Podcast Co-host of The Big Break Show.

Instagram: @rafa_l0za

YouTube: Rafael Loza

Podcast: The Big Break Show


Key Takeaway, Tool, or Tip

Take the first step! Start building relationships, looking for properties, and networking!



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About This Episode

In today’s episode, Noble shares the mic with Rafa Loza, Founder of Knight & Reign Properties to discuss:

  • Overcoming Obstacles With Landlords
  • Being Fully Transparent About His Intentions 
  • Scaling To Dozens of Properties In Less Than 18 Months
  • Purchasing Assets
  • What Is Rental Arbitrage?

…and much more!

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