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Season 3 : Episode 29 

Top Tips From A 5 Star Cleaning Company CEO With Mila The Hostkeyper

Working With A Cleaning Company Or Starting Your Own

Key Takeaway, Tool, or Tip

Look for quality, punctuality, and automation when hiring and keeping cleaners!



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About This Episode

In today’s episode, Noble shares the mic with Mila, Airbnb Cleaning Consultant to talk about:

  • Going from a traveler on Airbnb to a cleaning company owner
  • Vetting cleaners by asking for references
  • The top attributes of a good cleaner or cleaning company
  • How to maintain consistent quality & no third chances
  • Onboarding a new cleaner and establishing expectations
  • Inviting cleaner candidates to a “dirty” open house
  • Handling trash at single family homes on non-pickup days

…and much more!

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